About Us

HAYAT’s Vision

HAYAT; aims to provide modern concepts & solutions for healthy & safe environment for quality life through consultancy, construction and other related services. It starts from selection of best location of plot to geotechnical investigation to safe structure and MEP design to luxury interior to serene outdoor environment. It is ensured through project planning and full time monitoring for quality control and trainings of staff.
We have well qualified & experienced professionals and state of the art equipment.

About Us

HAYAT (meaning life); a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals from diversified fields observed a lot of problems related to healthy & safe environment for quality life of people. HAYAT conceived the idea and established a consultancy and services providing company in 2015 to serve the industrial & commercial sectors as well as individuals and provide them modern concepts and solutions for healthy & safe environment for quality life. HAYAT provides guidance is selection of best piece of land for residential or commercial purpose then search of fresh water aquifers & drilling of wells then Geo-technical investigation and safe structure then interior designing and then construction of buildings.

The Services

We ensure our services by highly experienced professionals,  state of the art equipment and best quality material supplies.

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